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UK Gap Year Programs

Imagine getting paid to take a year off between school and university and travel to the other side of the world?

Imagine having the opportunity to live and work at some of the best boarding schools across the UK?

You can do this with The Gap Network! We provide you with an affordable way of travelling to the UK and exploring all that Europe has to offer, by arranging a paid position at a UK boarding school. All you have to bring is a great attitude and willingness to work hard.

Your Gap Network position includes:

  • Accommodation and meals
  • A wage
  • Support, mentoring and advice from friendly local staff
  • Time off on weekends – depending on your school, as they are all different
  • Time off during school holidays to meet up with other ‘gappies’ and explore the UK and Europe
  • The possibility of school trips and excursions to other parts of the UK.

Your gap year experience at a UK boarding school will be a time of your life you’ll never forget.What are you waiting for? Ready to get paid to have the time of your life?


Your GAP Year

The UK offers you so much, from quaint English villages and stunning countryside, to the bustling vibe of London And so many European destinations are just at your doorstep.

So many opportunities for adventure. Immerse yourself in boarding school life during the week, then hop on a bus, train or plane to Europe for weekends and school holidays.

Whether you’re looking to gain independence, to work and travel with like-minded people, or experience another lifestyle, a gap year is a life-changing experience like no other.

Think this sounds like your kind of adventure?

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How it works

Taking a gap year with us before you start  uni is one of the best investments you can make for your future.

We support and guide your adventure and our ‘best-fit’ matching process ensures you are matched to the school that most suits your skills, interests and personality.

A gap year with The Gap Network gives you an opportunity to do something different, during a structured break from study.

Not to mention… the life-long friends and memories you’ll make along the way.

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My gap year was definitely the highlight of my life so far. Not only did I enjoy some amazing experiences, travelling all over Europe making lifelong friends, but I also developed some important qualities that I now use on daily basis.

I worked as a ‘General Assistant’ along with four other gaps. Our job entailed a range of responsibilities such as boarding house supervision, teaching, sports coaching, lifeguard supervision at the pool, administration work in the office, catering for functions, and even grounds-work.
Rob, 20 The University of Sydney, Commerce/Liberal Arts
Seeing inspiring people within school communities really encouraged me to look forward and engage with my own tertiary education on return to Australia.
Caitlin, 21 Australian National University, Science/Law

Why should I take a gap year?

There are lots of personal and social benefits of taking a gap year. Having a year off can give you time out to have fun and enjoy life living in a different country. Being a “gappie” provides you with opportunities to develop self-reliance and maturity and to live independently in another country.

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Hiking boots, Flannelette PJs & plastic kangaroos…

The post HSC glory days are a ripper time filled with solid schoolies recovery; full days at the beach and some serious Netflix binges. Suddenly the pressure is off – you’ve never felt so free. No one wants to stay home and deal with the treacherous task of sorting through a mountain of clothes and belongings to pack. Unfortunately this task does demand a bit of attention (a whole YEAR of gear) –

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