Applying for Your Gap Year

The Gap Network will provide the very best chance of a happy and memorable gap year experience for you and your host school.

The Gap Network: who can apply?

All applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Aged between 17-25 years
  • Have completed secondary schooling prior to arrival in the UK
  • Be eligible for a passport from one of the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, UK, South Africa, Europe or Canada
  • No significant pre-existing health conditions
  • No criminal convictions or a police record

The Gap Network: what does it cost?

To make an application through The Gap Network, a non-refundable application fee of $195 AUD plus GST ($214.50 AUD) is payable at the time of lodging your form. Your application fee covers all costs associated with receiving, compiling, preparing and presenting your application documents following your Gap Network Interview.

The remaining fee is a placement fee of $2200 AUD plus GST ($2420.00 AUD) which is only payable on confirmation and acceptance of a gap placement.

The total cost of a Gap Network application and placement is: $2634.50 incl. GST.

Please note: The Gap Network offers you affordable, flexible and personalised service.  We do not require you to purchase your airfares, travel insurance or non-essential services from us. We can guide and advise you on your options, but the choice is yours!

Application Fee Placement Fee Total Payable
$195 AUD
(+GST= $214.50)


$2200 AUD
(+GST= $2420.00)


$2395 AUD
(+GST= $2634.50)

Application form

Our application form allows The Gap Network to gather the essential initial information needed to assess your suitability as a candidate for a gap year.

Applications for a gap year are processed as they are received which maximises your opportunity of securing a placement.

You will fill in basic information about who you are, including your:

  •  academic studies
  • sporting achievements
  • cultural activities
  • community involvement.

We also ask for three referees at this stage, which must include a school referee (Principal or teacher and two others, for example, a sporting coach or employer). A $195 AUD plus GST ($214.50 AUD) non-refundable application fee, means we can begin the ‘best-fit’ matching process and it ensures we know you are serious about a gap year placement.

Face-to-face interview

The gap year process is a competitive one and there will always be more applicants than there are places. A face-to-face interview allows us to get to know you and helps you to find out more about the Gap Network process and what you might be doing on your gap year. The interview is a crucial step in the success of your gap application, as it allows us to properly understand your interests, strengths and personality.

Best-fit placement

When you are offered a placement through The Gap Network program, the information from your application and your face-to-face interview will be used to match you with the school that will best suit your talents, skills and experience.

On acceptance of your placement you will pay our final placement fee of $2200 AUD plus GST ($2420.00 AUD), which is non-refundable (except for exceptional circumstances such as serious illness or bereavement).

“Meet and Greet” and First Aid training

“Meet and Greet” is an opportunity to get to know other gap students, beginning to build a support and friendship network for your gap year.

As premium candidates, Gap Network students are also required to hold a valid senior First Aid qualification to the Australian Standard. The Gap Network can arrange for you to complete this training quickly and easily if you need to.

Flexible travel arrangements

Unlike other agencies, we offer you flexibility of travel arrangements. As long as you get to your UK boarding school on time you have many travel choices including:

  • booking with our travel partners, who can look after all of your travel arrangements
  • organising to travel as a group with your fellow gap year students
  • using frequent flyer points
  • travelling with your family and perhaps beginning your gap year with a family holiday.

However and whenever you decide to get to the UK, we are here to help and advise you.

When you arrive in the UK

The Gap Network will assist you in arranging transfers to your host school. On arrival in the UK, there is also the option of beginning your gap experience with one or two nights in London.

After your gap year is over

Once you are back in Australia we offer the chance to debrief with other students, to meet and talk with future gap year students. If you have any other questions about the gap year process, please contact us here.

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