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Ensuring the ‘best fit’ for your school

The Gap Network sources premium candidates with the skills and temperament to make a valuable contribution to your school community. The success of our gap year placements comes from our ‘best-fit’ matching process, beginning with an extensive questionnaire, followed by a detailed face-to-face interview process.

We meet, screen and advise all our candidates and pride ourselves on selecting students who are:

  •         Enthusiastic
  •         Reliable
  •         Responsible
  •         Hardworking
  •         Open-minded
  •         Flexible
  •         Mature
  •         Good communicators
  •         Self-disciplined
  •         Self-motivated

Setting students up for success

A successful gap year begins with the right preparation.

Before we send a student to your school, we ensure they fully understand the demands and expectations of gap year, so they have realistic expectations of the experience.

Our preparation process includes:

  • An extensive questionnaire to ensure we are getting the right type of candidate
  • Face-to-face interview to determine potential gap student’s strengths and areas of interest
  • A best-fit matching process to provide you with the correct student for your school and to brief students in the gap year process so they have realistic expectations of the experience

Our students understand that they are expected to work hard and bring a cheerful willingness to be involved. Our students know these are essentials for their gap year experience.

Contact us now, to see why our ‘best-fit’ placements provide the best gap students for your school.

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